Rewritten (And a free book drawing)

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Thinking on how God changes us from the Inside Out, I want to share with you a book, reWritten by Bruce and Heather Moore. So many books on the market focus on the external, what will make us feel better about ourselves. We are told how we look, what our career is, and how much money we have is most important. This book reminds us that what really matters is our heart, God transforming us, rewriting our story, exchanging it for His story.

It is important that we ask ourselves the right questions and this book asks them.

Who did God create me to be?

What is the story God has had for me all along?

What is keeping me from living out that story?

This book reminds us that we are created in the image of God and how we are to represent that. God is in the process of rewriting our story and how.

Forgiveness:” Forgiveness frees you up and moves your life forward. It gives you the opportunity to exchange your story for God’s story.”

Fulfilling Your Assignments: “Our life stories are most fulfilling when we accomplish the unique assignments God has given us. When we fulfill these assignments, it gives our lives purpose and meaning.”

Generosity: “When we are generous with our money, time, and talents, we are mirroring God’s image in us for He is generous and lavish in all He does”

Humility: “Humility positions us to trust in God rather than in our own abilities and plans. It removes self and entrusts our future into His hands. It refocuses our attention onto God’s plans”

Suffering: “Every painful experience has with it the assurance that God is creating something out of the loss. He rewrites our story by bringing something good out of our pain”

The authors also help us to be aware of “Story Killers”, those things that can stop the transformation process and keep us from living to our full potential.

I love that the book is filled with scripture and there are discussion questions called “Story Builders” throughout the chapter so while reading you can stop and think about what was said, examine your heart, apply it, allowing God to change your story.

We are in this process of God changing us from the Inside Out and this is one resource that will help.

I would love to give away a copy of this book. Leave a comment and I will do a drawing at midnight Friday May 25

(The book can be purchased at


About kimlenon
Welcome to Inside Out! I desire to offer encouragement and resources to help women live their lives Inside Out because God changes us from the Inside Out! I have been married to Dave for 40 years. We have 3 children and 8 grandchildren. My passion is to teach women how to study and apply God's Word.

7 Responses to Rewritten (And a free book drawing)

  1. Shirley Clifford says:

    The book sounds very interesting, something I would love to read.

  2. Cathy Post says:

    Great talk, you made the book sound exciting. I will read it even if I don’t win! It is so fun to watch so many of my friends (and me) being changed from the inside out.

  3. Carol Fulks says:

    Sounds like a good book to read and to live our lives from the inside out.

  4. mezeller says:

    I am so grateful for this time in my life that God has provided to think about my life up to this point…the life lessons I have learned as well as those yet to be learned. I also met with a friend today who is in such and difficult place in her life. I wonder if God wants to use this book to take her to a new place and a deeper relationship with Him. I’m looking forward to exploring this book some more.

  5. Tracy Munoz says:

    I Love reading and what Better book to read ( besides the Bible) then this one that could help me in soooo many ways that I dont even know how yet, and thats exciting!! 🙂

  6. I love books and this looks like a great one! Love your blog too! =)

  7. Marie says:

    Oy, I’m too late! J/k it’s never too late to get some wisdom from Kim. Thanks for the suggestion. Your newest post (june) is really driving me to be still, meditate on the Word, & reflect the change. I love the empowerment you provide to go and do and the emphasis on not WHAT you do but for WHO we serve.

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