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This post today is from my daughter Elizabeth VanDine and how she and others are making a difference in bringing awareness  to and fighting  the growing problem of human trafficking.

Elizabeth Van Dine & Adam Young are the co-founders & directors of the Love146 Dayton Task Force. Love146 is an international non-profit organization committed to the abolition of child sex slave and exploitation through prevention and aftercare. The Dayton task force, founded in 2010, is a local volunteer expression of Love146 right here in the Dayton community! Elizabeth & Adam have been passionately leading the way in the fight against modern day slavery in the Dayton area for over 2 years. The Dayton task force desires to see sex trafficking come to an end globally, however they have a heartbeat for the domestic sex trafficking that is happening in our own back yard! The task force has a “think globally, act locally” mindset. Ohio is currently ranking #5 in the Nation for human trafficking. Needless to say Adam and Elizabeth have their work cut out for them! The Dayton task force has 4 main objectives:

1. To raise awareness by being educated voices in our community
2. To partner with like-minded organizations to fight all forms of human trafficking
3. To influence Ohio legislation to better understand and fight human trafficking
4. To raise funds for the aftercare and prevention programs of Love146

Adam and Elizabeth have been achieving these goals in a number of ways over the last two years. Their annual ‘Power of One’ has been a powerful tool for raising awareness, cultivating networking, and inspiring activism. The Dayton task force has also partnered with sex trafficking survivor, Theresa Flores, in her S.O.A.P (save our adolescents from prostitution) campaign, which has seen great results in rescuing girls that have been forced into prostitution. Also, Elizabeth and Adam recently traveled to Southeast Asia with Love146 to get firsthand knowledge of prevention and aftercare overseas. They are excited to adapt and implement those same programs in the Dayton area by equipping their task force members to invest in our communities. It is the wholehearted desire of Adam and Elizabeth to see nothing less than the abolition of child sex trafficking!

Elizabeth is the co- founder and co-director of the Love146 Dayton Task Force, which is an expression of Love146 a worldwide non-profit organization to abolish modern day slavery and Human Trafficking. Elizabeth is also studying Psychology at Wright State University and hopes to use her future degrees to continue the fight against Human Trafficking. In 2011 Elizabeth was named one of the “Top 25 Women to Watch” by the Women in Business and Networking organization. Elizabeth is always eager to share with any group or organization to raise awareness and educate her community about the growing local and global epidemic of Human Trafficking

For more information or to contact Elizabeth check out: , the TF twitter @146dayton, and at twitter @LizzieCLenon  to learn more about their worldwide efforts and how they got their name  to learn more about Theresa Flores and S.O.A.P.


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