A Prayer


“Lord help me to glorify You. I am poor-help me to glorify You through contentment. I am sick-help me to honor You through patience. I have talents-help me to praise You by using them for You. I have time, Lord-help me to redeem it by using it to serve You. I have a heart to feel-let me feel no love but Yours, and let my heart glow with no flame but my affection for You. I have a brain to think-help me to think of You. Lord You have put me in this world for a reason-show me what that is and help me work out my life purpose. I can’t do much, but as the widow put in her two mites-which was everything she had-I place my time and eternity into Your treasury. Lord, I am Yours-take me and enable me to glorify You now in everything I say, in everything I do, and with all I have.” Amen!(Charles Spurgeon)


About kimlenon
Welcome to Inside Out! I desire to offer encouragement and resources to help women live their lives Inside Out because God changes us from the Inside Out! I have been married to Dave for 40 years. We have 3 children and 8 grandchildren. My passion is to teach women how to study and apply God's Word.

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